5 Day Trip to Sarajevo and Mostar (Part 2)




3 – On  day 3 we headed for Mostar. I was actually quite apprehensive about visiting Mostar as I had previously visited it many times during the 1980s when I lived in the region. I had of course seen and photographed the original bridge on numerous occasions before the war, so I was hoping that I would not be  disappointed and I certainly wasn’t:)  Once again on our limited budget we opted to stay in a small hotel and chose the Shangri-la guesthouse and were certainly impressed. The family that owns this place are extremely friendly, speak good English and have done a great job refurbishing the building. The candlelit terrace is delightful in the evenings and you can bring your own drinks and sit and enjoy the views of the city.  The major issue if you bring a car is parking- the one way road around the city means we at times had drive around for ages trying to find a parking space so try and get accommodation with parking,  if you are planning to drive. Mostar is still a beautiful city and the bridge has been rebuilt so carefully that it has not be spoilt despite the war. We spent the rest of the day wandering around the nooks and crannies, visiting museums, mosques and of course the bridge. There are reminders of the war everywhere but there is still something incredibly impressive about this town.

Day 4 – If you can drag yourself away from Mostar,  there are places nearby worth seeing. The following morning we headed off to visited Blagaj (Buna). Blagaj consists of a 16th century dervish house located on the source of the Buna river. The river Buna springs out from an underground cave and along the riversides are cafés and restaurants.  The dervish house is now a museum and you are free to wander around the museum – ladies just make sure you have a headscarf and are not wearing shorts!  After spending a couple of hours at Blagaj, we headed to Pocitelj .  Pocitelj is a UNESCO heritage site and is located on the main highway towards Croatia.  It is thought to be built in the 14th century and has recently been restored. Pocitelj like most places in Bosnia is free, you can just stroll around the mosques, fortress, and old buildings.  It was built on the hillside and so it is quite a steep climb to the top but worth the impressive views of the river.

Day 5 – On  day 5 we headed back to Sarajevo ready for our flight home knowing that we will be back:)





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