Day out to Seleukia



Ruins at Seleukia

Ruins at Seleukia




Agora - ruins at the top of the mountain

Agora – ruins at the top of the mountain




Lyrbe archeological site is one of the lesser- known archeological sites in the Manavgat area and although perhaps not as impressive as say Perge or Aspendos it is worth a visit. Hidden away high up in the mountains there is no entrance fee or security guards so you are free to wander around the ruins. As you can see from the photos,  the ruins are scattered on the hillside amongst the pine trees in a natural setting.  You can see the Agora, bath house, temple and library.

To get to Seleukia, go to Manavgat and then take the road inland past the waterfalls. Then follow the signs to Seleukia – about 25 km from Manavgat. You will notice that the dirt  road starts to climb up the mountain. The road is quite narrow and  at the archeological site the road comes to a dead end.  Park at the top of the hill  under the trees.  This place is an ideal for spot for a picnic or if you are looking for a great place to eat on the way home try our favourite place  – Dikmen Köy Kavaltası evi all day breakfast. Honestly the best breakfast place in the region!


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