Day trip to Altınbeşik


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Actually when we started our day out we had no intention of visiting the Altınbeşik cave but as the day progressed we changed our route and somehow came upon this place and were so happy that we had done so! Anyhow, I have digressed slightly…. we had decided that we would make our way south past Manavgat and would then turn inland on the main highway to Konya and visit the small town of Akseki. I had read a number of articles about the town and thought it would be good to explore the area.

After a drive through mountains, going towards Konya we turned right and entered the town of Akseki. To be honest we were a little disappointed as we found that this sleepy town did not have much to offer in the way of sights so after some çay, we looked at the map and decided to turn back on to the main road and go south for a few hundred metres. Then we turned right and headed towards İbradi where we saw some tourist signs informing us of a place of interest – old ottoman houses.  Ibradi is definitely worth a visit and definitely a surprise! We strolled around the old town only to discover that all the old stone houses are currently being restored – apparently grants are being given to encourage people to renovate their houses to develop the area. This a great spot for anyone who loves photography. We then followed the back roads through the mountains following the signs to Ürünlü and Manavgat. At Ürünlü  we turned off to the cave and followed the road.Pls note this road is not for the faint hearted- a single track rough road which comes to a dead end at the cave.

As you can see from the photos, there is a  blue lagoon at the entrance to the cave and for a small fee you can  hire a rowing boat or canoe to enter the cave. An amazing experienced – not to be missed!

After another cup of çay, we continued through the mountains and followed the back roads until we came to the main junction which joins the road which leads from Manavgat to the Manavgat waterfalls. Instead of turning right towards Manavgat we turned left and drove a couple of hundred metres to Dikmen Restaurant – actually called Dikmen Köy Kavaltısı evi Dikmen village breakfast place. This is our favourite all day  breakfast place in  the region. The place has a small garden and serender majlis style eating areas. The food is cheap, organic, tasty and plentiful!

After our all day breakfast, we made our way back to Manavgat and headed home:)






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