Göynük Canyon



We decided to visit Göynük canyon as we had some younger members of our family visiting who were looking for something more adventurous to do. Having been white water rafting in Köprülü canyon a number of times, we were looking for something a bit different and after searching on the Internet we found this relatively new adventure centre and so decided to go and explore.

Göynük Canyo also known as the ecofun adventure park, is located between Beldibi and Göynük on the road from Antalya to Kemer. You will see a turning on the right between the two towns and  will then drive along a dirt track to the entrance of the park. You will need to park outside the park and pay a small entrance fee per person.

For those of you not looking for anything adventurous, you can walk down the track and head for the freshwater pools scattered around and swim, lie on the rocks and relax. There is also a restaurant located in the park with gazebos in the river which make a picturesque setting. The food was tasty and good value.

The main reason we came to the park, however was to go body rafting.from the entrance to the park we were taken on a 10 minute or so drive by 4-wheel to the entrance of the canyon itself. There we paid extra money to go body rafting. Leaving our clothes and valuables in lockers, wearing wet suits we entered into the cold fresh water of the canyon. For those perhaps who are not strong swimmers, you are given the option of a canoe for the first part of the adventure as the water is deep. Otherwise, you can hold onto the ropes along the walls of the canyon and make your way up the gorge. You  will need to be fairly fit for this trip as you will have to climb over rocks, pull each other up over waterfalls and walk and swim for about 45 mins to reach the final waterfall at the end of the canyon. You will then have to turn around and make your way back too!

Once you return to the canyon you will need to hike back to the entrance about 3  km or so. We found it  an easy walk, but our tablet addicted teenagers who are not used to so much exercise, found it  a bit of a struggle! Also if  you go in summer, make sure you have plenty of water for the trek down the hill. We did not have enough so had to ration our supplies! On the way back to the entrance of course, you can stop at the restaurant and swim in the lakes.

Since this has recently opened, the staff told us they will add more activities. They will add a zip line for example, across the canyon and wall climbing.  Even though we went in the summer months, the place was not crowded and  we had whole lakes to ourselves for swimming! If  have any young visitors looking for active things to do this place is a must!

For more details check out their website: ecofunadventurepark.com




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