A day trip to Selge



Selge also known as Altınkaya is located about 1000 metres high up in the Taurus mountains. There is not much left of the Roman ruins but the amphitheatre is worth a visit.

To get to Selge, you will need to drive south towards Manavgat.  Then take the turning left when you see the sign to Beşkonak and Köprülü canyon.  If you have not visited the national park of Köprülü canyon, then you may want to consider setting out quite early and making this a full day trip. Also you may want to consider avoiding this drive in July and August  as it gets crowded with tour groups. The drive is very picturesque since you follow the river valley and drive through the forests and villages to the national park. The road is lined with various cafés and restaurants and agencies offering white water rafting. If you go off season and are a large group of people and interested in white water rafting, then  you can bargain and get a reasonable group rate. We were five people, went rafting for about an hour and had a marvellous lunch of fresh trout and salad.

If however you are not into white water rafting, then continue through the park and follow the signs for Selge. You will need to cross the old one lane stone bridge. It is worth stopping just after you cross  the  roman bridge for some great photos of the canyon. Then continue along the road up the mountain. The road winds up the mountain and there are multiple opportunities to take photos of the canyon and river below. After another 40 minutes or so you will arrive at the village of Altınkaya. Continue through the village until you see the amphitheatre on the right. Take the turning to the right and park outside the amphitheatre.  There is a small run down cafe at its entrance and you can enter the amphitheatre for a small fee. Unfortunately, there are lots of local ladies selling different handmade crafts who tend to pester and follow you as you enter the ruins. You may need to be a bit firm to stop them following you! After exploring the area, we had some çay and then made our way back down the mountain to Antalya.


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